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How to register for a class:
  • 1.) In order to register for a class you must be logged in as a valid account. Please login first before beginning.
  • 2.) Choose a class type you would like to enroll in on the right.
  • 3.) You may either add the class to your wishlist or add the class to your shopping cart by checking the box next to the class you want to use.
  • 4.) On the activity registration screen make sure to choose the member who will be attending this class and click "add to cart".
  • 5.) You will be asked a series of waivers and questions that are required to be filled out and printed.
  • 6.) Choose check out if you are ready to pay for the item(s) you have added to your shopping cart or continue shopping to enroll in other programs.
  • Thank you for utilizing Online Registration, we hope you have a pleasant experience. If you are experiencing any issues or have questions please contact (714) 890-4270.
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